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David and Judi Klee

Finding the Boy Inside

Finding the Boy Inside

Are you struggling to overcome the effects of being bullied or experiencing some other trauma in your life? Are you having a hard time with moving forward and wondering what God's plan is for you? If so, this book is a "must read."

It's David's very personal story of how he overcame the effects of extreme childhood bullying and found his purpose in life through the use of his God-given gift of music. David recounts his life to demonstrate how God is always with us, no matter what. He then shares tips that he uses on a regular basis to keep moving forward in his life.

Through his story, David hopes to inspire others who have been hurt to turn their lives around. If he can do it, so can you.

To purchase or preview the book click here. Let us know if you read it! We look forward to your comments.


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